The 5 Essential Habits

You’ll begin to implement the 5 most essential habits for more energy, deeper sleep and a better diet. While this course is certainly not a “quick-fix”, In just 6 weeks you’ll be on the path to taking better care of yourself everyday.
Start date: November 6th 2019.


You listen to your body, honor it’s wisdom, and begin to live in a way that is satisfying, healthy, and delicious. You’ll begin to learn a daily routine that’s designed to give you plenty of non-stop energy AND makes you feel more vibrant and alive than you have in years.

It’s totally possible!

BUT, you’ll have to learn a new framework. And, you’ll need to dance dynamically with this new framework as you learn to actually live your new approach to taking care of yourself on this new level.

Getting the support you need can make all the difference.


The 5 Essential Habits Course includes:

  • Two 1-1 calls with Suzanne to help you stay on track with your health goals

  • Weekly live calls on Zoom with our group (All meetings are recorded and downloadable)

  • A private online forum to help us stay connected to the power we hold as a group on a daily basis

  • 3 Habit E-books with all the information we’ll be covering included

  • Downloadable yoga classes from Suzanne

Each week the content for The 5 Essential Habits will be delivered to you on our Zoom call, and you’ll also receive the recording.  This is an “online course”,  but in truth, very little of the real learning activity takes place online, it takes place in your daily life and in conversations with others in the course.

Remember, you only get one body in this life!  Take care of it and you’ll reap the incredible benefits.

The 5 Essential Habits: a 6-week virtual course
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