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Nourish Your Vitality:

A Year Long Journey Into Wellness


Nourish Your Vitality is designed to be a quantum leap into your health and happiness! In this year-long course you’ll cultivate habits that will give you more energy, deeper sleep, a better diet and change the trajectory of your life.

Help for sleep issues, weight loss, digestion, anxiety and depression, blood sugar issues, auto-immune disorders, and more.

There's power in taking care of your health and wellbeing.

Step into more health with:

  • Delicious Food

  • Enjoyable Movement

  • Deep Rest

  • A close-knit group with lasting friendships

  • Habit Change Strategies that Work

  • Practices that Support Sanity



Nourish Your Vitality also includes…

Three in-person retreats over the course of the year with Suzanne here in Saratoga Springs, spring, fall and winter. Next course start date: June 11.

This course has six sessions:

June: Body Basics
July and August: Open to Ease
September and October: Step into Soothing Stability
November and December: Insulate Your Well-Being
January and February: Reflection and Stillness
March and April: Inspiration and Revitalization  
May: Integration and Gratitude

As you participate, health and wellness becomes woven into your day, it becomes automatic, and, because of that, it's so much easier!

You'll have more time for your family, for hobbies, and the health you need to achieve your personal goals in life.

Ready to change the way you age?



Included in the year long Nourish Your Vitality Course:

  • Monthly half-day workshops with Suzanne and the group, held in Saratoga Springs (Audio Recordings or webinars provided for those that cannot attend)

  • Two 3-day Group Retreats a year, also held in Saratoga Springs.

  • At least 2 Live calls every month on Zoom (recorded and downloadable)

  • Downloadable audio recordings of Suzanne’s weekly yoga classes.

    Accountability Partners to lean on, through thick and thin. 

    An Online Forum to connect and share the power we hold as a group.

    Quarterly 1-1 Meetings with Suzanne to help you stay on track with your health goals and how you want to feel!

    3 E-books with all the material we cover, plus worksheets for every habit.



How it works…

Some of the content in Nourish Your Vitality  will be delivered to you online, and you take it from there. But in truth, very little of the real learning activity takes place online, it takes place in your daily life and in conversations with others in the course.

In the Nourish Your Vitality Course you’ll learn to:

  • Integrate movement and exercise into your day without needing motivation, and without over-doing it.

  • Eat well without a struggle, and feel light and energized without being hungry.

  • Take the time each day to center yourself with meditation or prayer, so you easily deal with any kind of stress.

  • AND, each evening, when you've met the challenges of the day, turn off your light, lie quietly and peacefully until sleep comes, and sleep soundly for 7 to 8 hours.

Start date: June 11.



Nourish your vitality: you're a good fit for this course if you want to:

  • feel better, look better, and be more confident in your ability to take on healthy habits

  • make small shifts and changes that lead to dramatic improvement in your health

  • relax into support from me and the group

  • learn to feed yourself fresh organic foods that are easy to prepare and help evolve your health 




Nourish Your Vitality 12-Month Course