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Both my wife and I obtained numerous life changing and relationship changing benefits from participating in Suzanne’s year long course.

The program helped me to overcome a terrible sleep pattern I’ve had ever since my late teens. As a result, I no longer have dark circles under my eyes, I have more energy and focus during the day, and I can sincerely say that it has resulted in an increase in my income, since I am much more effective and efficient throughout the day. It’s amazing. Thank You, Suzanne!

– Jack Schoen,
Financial Planning Consultant

My husband and I have taken this course together, it's has been one of the best things we have even done for our marriage. It’s helped both of us to make changes that resulted in more energy, a more harmonious life together, more productivity and more fun.

- Melinda Jenkyn-Schoen

In only 9 weeks I lost 5 pounds, and now I know strategies to keep the weight off. Each week a new habit built on those preceding in a logical, achievable sequence allowing positive shifts to happen. Bravo!”

– Anne Wojciechowsky, Nurse

After the Nourish Your Vitality Course I have more energy, my thinking is more clear, I have better relationships with my loved ones, I’m sleeping much better, and feel calmer and more powerful. Small steps are, in fact, a big deal.

 – Lisa Muller

I tell everyone how you and yoga saved Mark's life; more specifically, his back. He does the same. He's still golfing and practicing orthodontics after 46 yrs thanks to you!

– Susan Marcus

Our free health strategy session made such an impact on my stress level. Just by doing that I started nurturing myself in ways that have made a huge difference to my energy level.

– Margherita Dal Pra, UK Yoga Teacher

I thought I knew a lot about health until I took this course. I wish I had the information long ago as it would have definitely made a difference in my health journey. I have lost about 15 pounds without trying, sleep better, move more, and feel more comfortable in my body.

– Adele Michal

I wanted you to know- I slept through the night last night for the fourth time in my life! And, its also my fourth night of decent sleep in a row. I feel great today and I am getting very SERIOUS about this program!


Suzanne, the green smoothies have transformed my life! Thank you. I am not only full of energy without caffeine all day, but sleeping better at night.

—Barbara Ungar