About Suzanne

In working with 100’s of people over the last 20 years, I’ve learned that good health and peace of mind comes with with taking care of ourselves. Unfortunately, that can be hard to do in modern life. Over the years in my work as an NACC Chaplain (National Association of Catholic Chaplains), a yoga teacher, and studio owner, and now in my work now as a Yoga Health Coach, I’ve learned that small steps can have a huge impact on health. My aim is to help clients become their own best caregiver and live a life of wholeness, holiness, and healing.

My current programs, both online and in-person, support health and happiness, but not through a traditional “tough love” approach. You’ll work with compassion, body-based wisdom, and letting go of shame and blame. Step-by-step you’ll build supportive and sustainable self-care practices into your day. This work is practical, fun, and effective.



There are many ways to work with me:

Nourish Your Vitality, my year-long course is designed to be a quantum leap into your health and happiness. In this course you’ll cultivate habits that will give you more energy, deeper sleep, and a better diet; This level of support changes the trajectory of your life, and the lives of those around you. Sustainable change takes time to anchor in, and over a year you’ll gain clarity, peace of mind, and reap the incredible benefits of better habits.

Three times a year I offer the 5 Essential Habits Course, a 6 week introductory course to give you a taste of what’s possible. It’s the basics for people who want to learn effective ways to feel better as they age.

I offer a yearly fall retreat to Tuscany; it’s an infusion of yoga, walking, good company, good food, and non-stop beauty.

For those who desire in-depth one-on-one work, or who would like a more customized learning experience, I work one-on-one in a coaching relationship with individuals, with and through the Nourish Your Vitality Course.

Suzanne lives in upstate NY with her husband Bruce, her labradoodle, Argos and 2 cats. She enjoys her garden, cooking, reading, and traveling.


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